• GOLD: $ 1975.5 -0.24%
  • SELG: 49.75 ₽ +0.1%
  • ROLO: 0.72 ₽ +0.07%

Operations and projects

The main volume of tin ores mining and production of tin concentrate in Russia is attributable to the Holding’s tin division; the division’s head company is Rusolovo PJSC.

The main activity of the companies included in Rusolovo is mining of tin ores, production of tin concentrates and associated production of tungsten and copper concentrates.
Tin is mined at the Pravourmiyskoye and Festivalnoye deposits in the Khabarovsk region.

Tip produced, tonnes

Operating results. Tin division

Production complex
2019 2020 2021
Ore mined
thousand t 459 499 585
Ore processed thousand t 444
Tin in concentrate produced t 2 264
2 539
2 908
Copper in concentrate produced t 0
Tungsten in concentrate produced t 79

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