• GOLD: $ 1975.5 -0.24%
  • SELG: 49.75 ₽ +0.1%
  • ROLO: 0.72 ₽ +0.07%

Operations and projects


  • Location
    Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
  • Mining
  • Deposits
  • Processing
    Heap leaching, preliminary thermal treatment
316 kg
gold production in 2021
8,536 kg
C1 + C2 gold reserves as at January 1, 2022

The ore thermal treatment facility was put into operations at the Samolazovskoye deposit in 2020. The facility permits to control the longitudinal temperature distribution and carry out thermal pre-treatment of refractory ores in accordance with the specified technological parameters. This allows increasing extraction of gold at cyanidation from 20-30% to 90%. The facility proved to be cost effective compared to other technologies for recovering gold from refractory sulphide ores. In October 2021, this project received the ‘Mining Oscar from Breakthrough Technologies nomination at MINEX Russia 2021.


Production complex 2019 2020 2021
Run-of-mine material thousand m³ 297 213 1 164
Ore mined thousand t 423 131 964
Ore stockpiled thousand t 0 2 666
Gold produced kg 134 172 316

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