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Seligdar Holding’s approach to sustainable development is formulated in its mission:

‘promoting the prosperity of people, regions and the country, as well as creating value for our shareholders through the development of gold and tin mining by the Holding’s companies’

The Holding builds its operations on the following principles

Creation of the most favourable environment
for the Holding’s employees to stimulate
their personal and professional development

Responsible attitudetowards the environment
and the society to ensure optimal use
of limited natural resources

of the advanced technologies and
standards of the lean production

These priorities form part of the Holding’s Sustainable development strategy developed to guarantee social welfare and environmental conservation.

The Seligdar Holding extensively uses Russian and international experience in the sustainable development of businesses, complies with the Russian laws in relevant areas, and relies on a number of fundamental documents of the United Nations, conventions of the International Labour Organisation and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable development issues are included in the basic provisions of the Sustainable Development Strategy 2018–2024, approved by the Board of Directors. The Strategy was developed with employment of an integrated approach and consolidated economic, environmental and social objectives into a single long-term development strategy.

The Holding’s priorities reflected in the Strategy include the following areas:

professional employee
training and development
of their personal qualities

provision of safe and
comfortable working

territorial development
and support for local

environmental conservation
and the minimisation
of man-induced impact

of consumption intensity
of fuel, electricity, water, etc.

The Seligdar Holding is a participant of Ratings, Rankings, State programs and a member of associations

Ratings, rankings and projects

  • RAEX-Europe ESG Ranking of Russian companies
  • Forbes rating of the best employers in Russia and RBC overall rating of Russian employers. In the Forbes rating Seligdar received the 'Gold' Status in Ecology for works caried out in rehabilitation, reforestation and bio-restoration. 

State programmes

  • ‘Local Personnel into Industry’ programme of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
  • ‘Workforce Mobility Improvement’ programme of the Khabarovsk region

NGO membership

  • Chamber of Commerce And Industry Of the Russian Federation
  • Union of Gold Prospectors of Russia
  • Union of Gold Producers of Russia

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