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Seligdar supported Reindeer Herder’s Day in Neryungrinskiy district


Seligdar Polymetallic Holding (hereafter Seligdar) became a partner in the traditional Reindeer Herder’s Day in the Neryungrinskiy district. This year it was devoted to the Year of the Family in Russia and the Year of the Childhood in Yakutia.

The event gathered over one thousand residents and guests of the district. Annual festivities are a bright example of preservation and continuity of national traditions and customs as well as of cultural, historical and spiritual values of the Evenk people.

Sports competitions, creative contests, photo exhibitions, a festive concert program, as well as the most striking event - the reindeer race – produced a lot of positive emotions among the guests of the event. Following the results, Seligdar awarded the race winners with gift certificates for home appliances.


Photo by Natalya Pospelova

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