• GOLD: $ 2363.08 -0.67%
  • SELG: 74.6 ₽ +0.17%
  • ROLO: 1.16 ₽ -0.09%


Seligdar reached a new level of gold production


Polymetallic Holding Seligdar reached a record level of gold production. On May 16, the total daily volume of precious metal produced at operational facilities of the Holding exceeded 30 kg that became an absolute record for May for the whole history of the Seligdar business.

President of Seligdar PJSC Konstantin Beirit, stated:

‘First of all it is a result of well-coordinated work of the team and investments made by the Holding in recent years’.

Seligdar consistently improves processing technologies at its production complexes. The Holding significantly increased scales of ore stockpiling for heap leaching. Moreover, Seligdar made a large modernisation of gold solution processing plants that increased their capacity more than twice. Besides, in 2022 a new gold processing plant was commissioned in Altai region, capacity of the plant at the Republic of Buryatia was increased. A novel and unique facility of preliminary ore thermal treatment is in pilot operations in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). All these measures and everyday systematic work resulted in a significant growth of efficiency of the Seligdar’s gold division.


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