The Prospectors Association Seligdar was incorporated in 1975  and started to extract gold from alluvial deposits of Seligdar and Orto-Sala rivers, both situated in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia. During the first season, Seligdar produced 144 kg of gold and quadrupled the production up to 580 kg by 1980. During 1976 – 1980, the Association added to its assets eight new deposits of alluvial gold.


In 1980 – 1998, Seligdar increased production: run-of-mine material amounted to 5.5 million m3  and gold production – to 900 kg in 1996. Due to the depletion of the alluvial gold deposits the Association began to study possibility of gold recovery from the ore deposits in 1995 and prioritized the heap leaching technology.


In 1996, Seligdar started pilot gold mining from ore dumps at the Lopukhovskiy ore deposit in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The heap leaching project demanded large financial, material and human investments. The problem was that this technology was not the traditional one and had not been exploited  in the climate of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) before. During the pilot gold minig the Association gained a wide experience in production technics, technology deployment and attracted high-level specialists.

In 1998, Seligdar conducted its own geological study and acquired the Samolazovskoye ore deposit with gold reserves of 10 tons. The recovery of gold through heap leaching showed a significant reduction in costs compared to use of traditional technology.


Mining at the Samolazovskoye deposit and putting into operations the Mezhsopochnoye deposit in 2004 and the Garbuzovskiy deposit in 2005 permitted to perfom re-organisation of gold mining and production, abandon placer gold mining and bring the gold production to 1.7 tons in 2005.


In 2006, Seligdar established a new mining company –  Seligdar Gold JSC aimed at exploration and development of the Nizhne-Yakokitskoye ore field (theRepublic of Sakha ). The year resulted in increase of production capacity, and new mining and transport equipment was purchased.

In 2006,  Seligdar Gold and Atomredmetzoloto signed an agreement and established a joint venture for exploration of the Lunnoe deposit. The Lunnoye deposit is a part of Elkon gorst, situated in the Republic of Sakha, Russia, which is one of the largest world-known uranium deposit (U). Seligdar Gold became the operator of the joint venture.


In 2007, Seligdar Gold obtained license for exploration of the Ryabinovoye deposit and doubled its gold reserves. Seligdar’s total gold reserves reached 50 tons (C1+C2 category*), resources – 25.4 tons ( P1+P2 category*).

*Russian classification compliant with the State Commission on Mineral Reserves (GKZ) reporting system


In April 2010, Seligdar won an auction for license to conduct exploration and mine gold at the Podgolechnoye deposit situated close to the main production sites of the Yakutsky node (the Republic of Sakha, Yakutia).


Seligdar concluded an agreement with an international consulting company Micon International Co Ltd to audit its reserves at the Ryabinovoye deposit, the Vasin deposit and the Nizhne-Yakokitskoye ore field according to the JORC Code.


In 2012, the Holding started operations at two promising sites of the Lunnoe and Podgolechnoye deposits with total gold reserves of 3.4 tons. Seligdar constructed a separate ore processing facility at the Verkhneye deposit of the Mezhsopochny production site having invested in projects 1,792 million rubles.

Seligdar’s subsidiary Artel Starateley “Sininda-1” won auctions for 11 placer gold deposits with total reserve potential of  330 kg conducted by the Department of subsoil use for Far Eastern Federal District for the Republic of Buryatia (Buryatnedra).

In 2012, Micon International issued the audit review of the mineral resources and gold reserves of the Nizhne-Yakokitskoye ore field and the Ryabinovoye deposit both situated in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) according the JORC code (subsoil licensee was JSC Seligdar Gold).


Seligdar commissioned mining area at the Ryabinovoye deposit (southern part of the Republic of Sakha, Yakutia) with gold reserves of 17.6 tons (the C1+C2 category according to the Russian classification).


In July 2015, Seligdar started construction of a gold processing plant with a design ore processing capacity of 1 million tons per year at the Ryabinovy site. The plant was to increase the gold extraction grade compared to the heap leaching technology and allowed for the year-round production.

In December 2015, Seligdar acquired a license for the Purikanskaya area with prognostic gold resources of 6.8 tons situated close to the Yakut production complex. The proximity to the existing sites had a beneficial effect of synergy.


In May 2016, Seligdar reopened the Molodezhny underground mine after long conservation and repair works at the Festivalnoye tin deposit (Tin Mining Company LLC). On September 14, Seligdar commissioned Solnechnaya tin ore processing plant with a design capacity of 400 kt of ore per year and production up to 1.5 – 2 kt of tin in concentrate.

Seligdar initiated research of heap bioleachning technology for gold recovery at the  Samolazovskoye deposit.

On December 16, 2016, the ordinary and preferred shares of Seligdar were included in the Broad Market Index of Moscow Exchange composed of the top 100 securities selected by the criteria of liquidity, capitalization and free-float. The Seligdar shares were also included in the Metals and Mining Index and Second-Tier Stock Index of Moscow Exchange.


Seligdar commissioned a gold processing plant at the Ryabinovoye deposit, which became the largest one of the kind in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) commissioned in the last 30 years. The plant was a full-cycle one with the operations of ore crushing, comminuting, screening and thickening, carbon–in–leach and electrowinning.

The review of mining project parameters of the Nizhne-Yakokitskoye Ore Field was finished in December 2017, and the gold reserves increased by 20 tons.

Seligdar finished renewal of the Festivalny Mining and Processing Plant and installed an alternative scheme of ore hoisting. The renewal allowed for a significant increase in efficiency and a time reduction related to hoisting due to the 2 times shorter hoisting scheme.


JSC Seligdar Gold won the auction for a lisence to explore and mine at the Yasnaya Polyana deposit.

The Ryabinovy gold processing plant produced first ton of gold.

The season end followed the research on bioleaching for dump processing  at the Samolazovskoye deposit. The new experimental method showed a positive trend in the bioliberation of refractory gold.

New technological schemes of ore processing of the Tin Mining Company’s deposits obtained prelimiary assessment.  

Seligdar signed an agreement with the Government of the Republic of Sakha(Yakutia) on cooperation in the field of realization of the project “Local Personnel into Industry” for 2018–2022.

Rusolovo became a resident of “Advanced Economic Zone of Komsomolsk”.


Tin division companies, the plant of Pravourmiyskoye LLC and Solnechnaya Processing Plant of Tin Mining Company JSC went on year-round operations for the first time and did not stop operations during the winter of 2018–2019.

POISK LLC , a subsidiary of Seligdar, won the annual regional contest for the Best Industrial Enterprise of Altai Region 2018.

Seligdar was included in the World Wildlife Fund Transparency Rating of Environmental Responsibility of Mining and Metal Companies of Russia for the first time.


Ordinary shares of Seligdar were included in SMID Index of Moscow Exchange.

Seligdar got the State approval for the feasibility study of reserve estimation at the Khvoynoye deposit. The Company plans to build a gold processing plant for deposit development.

Seligdar recovered first 1.5 kg of gold at the Samolazovskoye deposit using the new technology of thermal ore treatment. A two-year period of stockpile bio-irrigation in the framework of the pilot heap bioleaching technology testing was completed, and the results were summed up.

Seligdar’s subsidiary Rusolovo won an auction for the subsoil license for geological survey, exploration, and mining of tin, tungsten, zinc, copper ores, gold and silver at the Pyrkakay stockworks deposit in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, one of the largest tin deposits in Russia. 


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