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Environmental management is one of the priorities of the Seligdar Holding.

In its work, Seligdar strives to comply with international standards and best industry practices and constantly works to improve the internal environmental management system.

Environmental issues are managed by special functional departments of the tin and gold divisions of the Holding.

Seligdar Holding’s basic principles of environmental protection

efficient use
of natural resources
throughout operations

due regard for remote
environmental impact in the process
of design, construction and operations

due regard for stakeholders’ opinion
on environmental safety

improvement of environmental
management system

Key lines of activities

  • regular environmental monitoring of operations;
  • use of best available technologies (BAT) in the production processes;
  • development of environmental programmes and individual environmental protection measures to minimise environmental impact, improve resource and energy efficiency;
  • disturbed land reclamation and compensatory measures related to biodiversity;
  • environmental awareness promotion.

Seligdar PJSC has a long-established reputation of responsible forest user in Yakutia. The Ministry of Ecology, Management of Natural Resources and Forestry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) highly appreciated the Holding's efforts in successful reforestation. Every year, the volume of obligations of the Company grows in 1.5-2 times. The survival rate of seedlings constantly keeps the level of 95%. In 2022, 117 hectares of forest were restored; more than 440 thousand seedlings were planted.

Seligdar together with the Committee of State Environmental Supervision of the Ministry of Ecology, Management of Natural Resources and Forestry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), organises creativity competition in the field of environment for preschool and educational organisations (drawings, crafts, poems). The objectives of the contest are to draw the attention of the younger generation to the problems of environmental protection, to increase environmental awareness, to cultivate a careful and attentive attitude towards nature.

The holding does a lot to restore the grayling population of the Baikal Lake. In 2021 and 2022, Seligdar released 123 thousand juvenile graylings into the lake and thus contributed to the biodiversity conservation. By supporting environmental initiatives, the Holding contributes to the conservation of the unique environment of the North.

Ratings and rankings:

  • Since 2021, Seligdar has participated in RAEX-Europe ESG Ranking of Russian companies.

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