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The employees are the cornerstone of the Seligdar business success

The Holding’s HR policy aims to build a professional, loyal and motivated team and engage highly qualified professionals, including graduates of the leading educational institutions.

The principles of HR policy:

Equal opportunities for professional growth
and career development

Fair labour compensation in accordance
with the achieved results

Respect for the employment traditions
of the Holding, encouragement of succession
and family dynasties

Creation of safe working environment.

The principal focus areas of the social policy is creation of comfortable and safe working conditions, improvement and development of work camps’ infrastructures, support for healthy living, professional development of employees, young talent attraction, social programmes to support employees and charity to develop regions of the Holding’s operations.

High standards in the HR policy contributed to its high assessment by independent experts. Seligdar PJSC is present in the ratings of Russia’s best employers according to Forbes and RBC.

The company extensively engages in the regional projects:

  • ‘Local Personnel into Industry’ of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
  • ‘Programme of Workforce Mobility Improvement’ of the Khabarovsk region

Main internal regulations of the Holding concerning HR and social policy:

  • Regulations on Employee Compensation
  • Regulations on Social Guarantees for Employees
  • Regulations on Personnel Selection and Recruitment Procedure
  • Regulations on Employee Bonus Payments

Personnel recruitment

The Holding pursues transparent and open personnel recruitment policy, informing potential applicants of the existing vacancies through the website, social networks, professional recruitment platforms, employment agencies, offices and fairs.


Young specialists are attracted through cooperation with more than 20 educational institutions. One of the main directions of the Holding's HR policy are career guidance events for young people in the regions of operations. ‘Seligdar. New Generation’ programme focuses on vocational guidance, adaptation and development of future employees’ competencies and is intended for high schoolers, students and young specialists.


Seligdar seeks to maximise the use of talent pool of the regions of its operations: not less than 50% of the total employee headcount of the Holding reside in the regions where Seligdar’s production facilities are located. Besides, 50% of the Holding’s senior management are representatives of local communities.

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