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About company

Corporate secretary

The Corporate Secretary of the Company is administratively responsible to CEO of the Company and reports to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The decisions on the appointment, dismissal and renumeration of the Corporate Secretary are made by the Company’s Board of Directors, which provides the necessary level of independence within the work organisation of the management bodies.

The Corporate Secretary:

  • Participates in enhancing of the corporate governance system and practices;
  • Coordinates activities directed to protect and safeguard rights and interests of the Company’s shareholders;
  • Performs effective interaction with shareholders on a day-to-day basis; 
  • Supports the efficient work of the Board of Directors;
  • Participates in implementation of the Company’s disclosure policy.

Corporate Secretary of Seligdar – Aleksandra Dmitrieva
Tel. +7 495 789 43 47 *4020 (UTC +3)

Aleksandra Dmitrieva Corporate Secretary

Aleksandra Dmitrieva

Corporate Secretary

Year of birth:

Kutafin Moscow State Law Academy, 2011, lawyer

Place of work:
Seligdar PJSC

Equity capital of Seligdar PJSC:

Ordinary shares of Seligdar PJSC:

Shares transactions:

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