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Seligdar supported educational programme ‘Books as a gift’


Seligdar Polymetallic Holding supported a social project ‘Books as a gift’ of ‘Illustrated books…’ charitable foundation. Seligdar paid for production of sets consisting of a special colour illustrated tactile book and an electronic device called ‘Reading pencil’.

The educational sets are unique because disabled children and children with no disabilities can read together, play and communicate on equal ground. The books were made with account for special needs: raised outlines, tactile inserts, movable and 3D structures. Pictures in the sets have microcodes to play music and text files using the electronic device.

‘For many years the social policy of Seligdar includes support of educational initiatives on the territories of the Company’s operations. Aid that is provided on a regular basis to the project ‘Books as a gift’ is a moderate but significant contribution to the development of inclusive environment in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia); educational process for children with special needs becomes simpler and more interesting’, noted CEO of Seligdar PJSC Sergey Tatarinov.

This year ‘Illustrated books…’ charitable foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary. Every year as a part of charity programmes about 10 thousand children in several Russian regions receive new sets of special books designed on the basis of results of scientific research of visual, tactile and auditory perception of children with disabilities.

‘Our task is to help children in social adaptation during peer interaction. We are grateful to Seligdar for the support of the project that they provide not for the first time’, told Chair of the Board of ‘Illustrated books…’ charitable foundation Tatyana Degen.

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