• GOLD: $ 2368.7 -0.43%
  • SELG: 75.18 ₽ +0.95%
  • ROLO: 1.17 ₽ +0.12%


Rating Agency Expert RA assigned ‘ruA+ (EXP)’ Expected Credit Rating to GOLD02 series bonds


Rating Agency Expert RA has assigned expected credit rating of ‘ruA+ (EXP)’ to the GOLD02 series bonds planned to be issued by Seligdar PJSC.

Issue parameters:

Type of security

Seligdar PJSC bonds of GOLD02 series

Identification number of the issue and the date of its assignment

4-02-32694-F-001P dated May 04, 2023

Issue size

has not been determined as at the date of posting

Placement start date

October 13, 2023

Closest repurchase date

has not been determined as at the date of posting

Maturity date

January 4, 2030


No possible additional adjustments for subordination, collateral and suretyship are provided for this issue, therefore the agency establishes parity between the current issuer rating of Seligdar PJSC (ruA + rating, stable) and the rating of the GOLD02 series bonds.

The credit rating of the debt instrument of Seligdar PJSC, namely of the GOLD02 series bonds, may differ from this expected credit rating in the following circumstances:

·         changes made by the Agency in the Credit Ratings Assignment Methodology directly related to the debt instrument;

·         differences of actual issue parameters of GOLD02 series bonds from the declared to the Agency plans at the stage of expected rating assignment;

·         changes in the Credit Rating of Seligdar PJSC (both pursuant from changes in Methodologies of Assignment of Credit Rating Level/ Conventional Rating Class of the specific entity and from changes in its financial and operating performance);

·         other material changes that may result in changes in the Credit Rating according to the Credit Rating Assignment Methodology related to the debt instrument.

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