Seligdar’s strategy is to maximize the economic value for its shareholders and sustainable business growth that implies an increase of production of gold and tin up to 10 t and 6 kt per year respectively by 2024, higher operations efficiency and a comfort level of leverage.

To achieve these strategic goals Seligdar focuses on:

  • Technological effectiveness: mindful choice of the best available technological practices and optimization of current operational processes.
  • Financial efficiency: surplus increase at every stage of the value added chain through obtaining economic benefits, reducing costs at each production stage and effective financial management and leverage use.
  • Management standards: use of state-of-art management techniques and KPIs.
  • Infrastructure and constant development: comprehensive use of current infrastructure and assets, replacement and expansion of the reserve base.
  • Innovations: obtaining the leadership in innovation techniques corresponding to the technological demands.

Key parameters of the Sustainable Development Strategy for 2018-2024



  • Maintaining the reserve base for at least 15 years of operations
  • Gold production: 10 tpa
  • Annual replacement of depleted reserves
  • Tin production: 6 ktpa
  • JORC-complaint audit of deposits with reserves of more than 10 t of gold and 30 kt of tin
  • Full production cost up to $700/oz of gold and up to $10,000/ton of tin



  • Efficient use of existing infrastructure
  • Debt/EBITDA < 2
  • Quality improvement of design solutions
  • Debt ≤ 50% of annual revenue
  • Two-year rolling production scheduling
  • Project financing
  • Labour productivity of 3-4 kg of gold and 5 kt of ore per employee within a year
  • Dividend yield target of 5% of the Company’s capitalisation


Social Resposibility

  • Advanced mining methods
  • Compliance with the best standards of lean production
  • Higher yield of processing and recovery
  • Minimization of environmental impact
  • Automation of operations, monitoring and design; introduction of cutting-edge telemetry methods
  • Personnel development program in the regions of operations
2021 Annual Report (pdf, 16 Мб)
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