Intermediate results of the gold mining division

Aldan/Yakutia, Russia – July 15, 2017. Polymetallic holding Seligdar (MOEX: SELG) announces the intermediate results of the gold mining division.
In six months of 2017 the gold division has achieved the following production results:
• The export of rock mass in comparison with the same period of the last year increased by 29% and amounted to 8.8 million cubic meters.
• Ore processing increased by 17%, resulting in 2.5 million tones.
• 2.3 million tons were placed in ore piles since the beginning of the 2017, which is 15% more than the figure last year.
• Gold production increased by 21%. Since the beginning of the year 945 kg have been extracted. In the first half of last year gold extraction was 781 kg.

The volume of production was increased due to the improvement in technologies and business processes and increasing the efficiency of mining operations.

By the end of the year, Seligdar intends to overcome the 5-ton threshold in gold mining, and the expected growth relative to 2016 will be 19%.
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