Public Joint Stock Company Rusolovo consolidates the only Russian operating tin mining assets located in Khabarovsk region. 

The core business is tin ore mining, production of tin concetrate and copper and tungsten concentrates as by-product. 

Rusolovo consolidates the following companies:

  • LLC Pravourmiyskoye: the company mines tin at Pravourmiyskoye deposit and produces tin and tungsen concentrates. Pravourmiyskoye is situated in Khabarovsk region in 117 km from Baikal-Amur mainline.
  • JSC Tin Mining Company: the company concolidates assets of former mining and processing comlex Solnechny (Festivalnoye and Perevalnoye deposits, Solnechnaya processing plant) situated in 17 km from Komsomolsk-na-Amur city.

Operating Results
Ore mined, thousand tons459499585
Ore processed, thousand tons444506544
Tin in concentrate produced, tons2,2642,5392,908
Tungsten in concentrate produced, tons797247
Copper in concentrate produced, tons0236366

Tin Reserves as of 01.01.2021
Russian classification compliant with the State Commission on Mineral Reserves (GKZ) reporting system

CompanyDepositOre, MtAverage grade, %Balance tin reserves, ktOff-balance tin reserves, kt
Tin Mining CompanyFestivalnoye6.30.77%483
TerritoriyaPyrkakay stockworks96.40.25%24324
Tin, total117.10.35%40535

Rusolovo conducted an audit of resources of Pravourmiyskoye deposit in compliance with the JORC Code in 2012 and an audit of reserves and resources in 2019 that confirmed the deposit reserves and demostrated efficiency of mining in contemporatry conditions.
2021 Annual Report (pdf, 16 Мб)
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