Social programs

PJSC Seligdar is one of the most competent and quickly developping companies of the Aldan region of the Russian Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Seligdar became a byword for reliability and success for a long time. Social policy is a part of corporate strategy of Seligdar and aimed at enhancing efficiency and competitiveness in all fields of operations. We beleive that this approach helps to unlock employees’ capabilities, to develop professionally and to find best solutions of work tasks. Our stategic goal is to become a Dream Company.  We pay special attention not only to employ high-class professionals but to motivate and retain them, as well as to provide youth work apprenticeship.

Seligdar social program focuses on:

  •  Safe and comfortable working conditions
  • Housing accommodation improvements and camp infrastructure development
  • Healthy lifestyle promotion
  • Professional development
  • Succession pool formation
  • Charity

Seligdar developed a system of trainings, which provides a large number of opportunities for professional development and growth. We provide permanent professional education in three key directions:

  • Mandatory training: to achieve the necessary level of employees’ skills to meet the requirements and competency profile of a specific position (job).
  • Targeted corporate training: advanced training and competence development of employees in accordance with the increasing  production requirements, business processes improvement, new production facilities commissioning, new equipment and processes implementation, as well as the forthcoming appointment to another position, job profile change, etc.
  • Periodic training: to maintain the professional skills of employees, gain additional professional expertise and skills, and develop personal and business competence.

Besides, Seligdar’s employees attend industry forums and professional conferences at Russian and international levels.

Since 2018, Seligdar implements a program “Seligdar. New generation” aimed to provide career guidance, adapt and develop competencies of future employees.

For teenagers:

  • summer labor camp with a career-oriented program
  • career guidance meetings
  • excursions to the Company’s production facilities

For students:

  • open days, job fairs
  • excursions to production facilities, traineeship at a production facility
  • targeted training that guaranted employment in the Company

For young specialists:

  • internships supervised by an experienced tutor;
  • special program for your specialists.

Seligdar cooperates with more than twenty educational institutions of the Russian Federation. Our long-time partners are:

Seligdar cooperates with all educational institutions in field of specialists education and financial and material support. The Company paid repair works in Aldan Polytechnic College and Irkutsk National Research Technical University. 

The Company is an active participant of regional programs, in particular of  a priority project of the Russian Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) “Local Personnel into Industry”. The program’s main goal is to create conditions for the Republic’s residents to get employed in industrial companies.  During 2017-2020 Seligdar employed 1,212 people out of more than 3,000 passed intership  through the program. In 2020, Seligdar was ranked the best participant of the project “Local Personnel into Industry”. 

In 2018, Seligdar deployed an interior social program. According to the program, the Company provides financial assistance to employees in cases of: death of an employee or a close relative (payments to the family), birth of a child; to large families with more than three children; to families with a disabled child; to employees participated in military operations, to families with a first-year schoolchild etc. In 2020, the Company started granting voluntary medical insurance to the employees. As a part of the corporate program, employees get presents on official holidays: February 23, March 8, Metallurgist’s Day, New Year. Parents with children under 14 also get New Year’s corporate gifts for children, and the Company organizes summer holidays in children camps in Crimea and Sochi.

Charity and Sponsorship

Seligdar provides support to a number of budget institutions, public organisations and local residents.  

The Company supports on a long-term basis the Council of Veterans of the Aldan district, the Aldan Childhood Home, schools and preschool institutions, people who have fallen into difficult life situations. The company provides financing in order to ensure participation of local residents in sports competitions, contests, exhibitions of non-profit organizations, art and sports associations. Seligdar support socially significant programs of public organizations and charity foundations.

A long-time friendship lies at the heart of cooperation between Seligdar and the Aldan State Concert Orchestra of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Seligdar has been supporting the orchestra for many years. The audience is always delighted by refined repertoire and mastery of performance.

Seligdar participates in projects of restauration of the cultural heritage. In 2011, the Company commissioned an icon and an icon case for the Orthodox Church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in the village of Nizhny Kuranakh in the Aldan district. In 2012, Seligdar presented an icon of St. Barbara, patroness of miners, to the St. Petersburg Mining University.

In 2010, employees of Poisk, a subsidiary of Seligdar, found an ancient mine reinforced by a wooden crib at the Murzinskiy deposit. The analysis showed that this unique ancient structure was built in 1772-1789, presumably by the ore miners of Akinfiy Demidov, one of the first gold-miners of Russia. Seligdar covered expenditures of extraction, restoration and conservation of the crib.

The remaining parts of the mine crib gave birth to the exhibition “Murzinskiy Mountain Timber mine”, which was later transferred to the Altai Museum of Local History, where it was located under a glass sarcophagus and became the heart of the exhibition dedicated to the history of mining in the Altai region. Seligdar ordered a model of the mine where were used larch logs of the found crib. The model was donated to the St. Petersburg Mining University and replenished the collection of Department of the History of mining engineering of the Mining Museum.


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