One of the Seligdar’s key principles is minimisation of negative antropogenic impact on environment. 

Strategic directions of our environmental protection activities are as follows: 

  • Compliance with the legislation in the field of ecology and the requirements of regulatory documents on environmental protection
  • Ecological control of operations, monitoring of pollution sources and operations areas, sanitary protection zones and territories influenced by the Company’s operations
  • Development and implementation of measures aimed at reduction of emissions, discharges, waste generation and disposal as well as  control over their fulfilment.
PJSC Seligdar conducts its environmental protection activities with regard to the nature of operations, environmental, climatic, social and economic conditions of the region. According to the Russian law Seligdar conducts industrial ecological monitoring on a regular basis. Monitoring system allows to control discharges of air pollutants, air quality at the border of sanitary protection zone, noise level, quality of surface and ground water for drinking and household purposes, geological situation, snow cover and soil.

The Seligdar Holding prepares and submits to Russian governmental bodies reports on the environmental impact of its operations,  performed actions and their financing.

In its environmental activities Seligdar cooperates extensively with special companies holding newest technologies and equipment in use. At all production sites Seligdar conducts monitoring of the environment during the whole period of operations.

In field of environmental protection Seligdar pays special attention to prevention measures to minimise environmental impact. 



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