Seligdar participated in the International Congress and Exhibition Gold Mining Russia & CIS

Seligdar took part in the International Congress and Exhibition Gold Mining Russia & CIS held September 27-28 in Moscow. At the event, speakers of the Holding spoke about innovative technologies for mining and metallurgical industry and prospective development projects for gold mining in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Technology adviser to the Seligdar PJSC’s President Ivan Groznov presented to the event’s participants a project of the first ever preliminary thermal ore treatment facility. The facility is unique in terms of possibility to manage temperature distribution lengthwise and to perform thermal pre-treatment of refractory ores according to the targeted technological parameters. It allows increasing of gold extraction through leaching from 20-30% to 90%. The facility proved its economic efficiency compared to other technologies of gold extraction from refractory sulphide ores. Last year, this project received a ‘Mining Oscar’ at MINEX-2021.

Head of Seligdar PJSC’s strategic planning department Dmitry Parfenov presented Seligdar PJSC’s investment projects aimed at gold mining development in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), namely, the Kyuchus deposit development and construction of a gold processing plant at the Khvoynoye deposit.

Construction of the gold mining plant at the Khvoynoye deposit began in 2021, commissioning is expected in 2024. The plant capacity will comprise 3 million tonnes of ore annually and gold production – 2 tonnes of gold per year. The plant will employ direct leaching technology that will allow extracting 20% more metal compared to heap leaching.

Another Seligdar PJSC’s significant investment project is the Kyuchus deposit development. One of the most important issues for this gold ore deposit development is necessary infrastructure that will create a base for long-term effective development of local territories and industry. The Kyuchus deposit ranks second in the mineral resource base of the Republic in terms of ore gold reserves (175 tonnes). It is the largest investment project in mining industry in the Arctic zone of Yakutia. According to preliminary estimates, after commissioning of the gold mining and processing complex and its full ramp-up in 2029 the gold mining at the Kyuchus deposit is planned to be at 10-15 tonnes per year, a 30% increase to the current production figures of the region.

Dmitry Parfenov concluded emphasizing that implementation of these projects would establish a new gold mining cluster in the Arctic zone that would create around 3,000 new jobs and secure 50 years of operations and 12 billion Russian roubles of annual tax payments.

The International Congress and Exhibition Gold Mining Russia & CIS is a professional international platform that gathers executives of backbone companies of the gold mining industry in Russia and the CIS: general directors, technical managers, initiators of investment projects, government representatives, industry regulatory authorities and supervisory agencies, licensors, developers, producers, suppliers of equipment and services, engineering and design and construction companies.

The event is dedicated to experience exchange of key gold mining companies, as well as to discussion of flagship investment projects on construction and modernisation of facilities and infrastructure, development of new deposits, and possibilities to improve efficiency of operating facilities.

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