Seligdar allocated more than 56 million Russian roubles for reforestation in Yakutia

Seligdar PJSC performs compensatory reforestation on the territory of the Neryungrinskiy district of the Republic of Saka (Yakutia): it contributes to planting of 440,717 seedlings on the area of 217 ha. The total cost of reforestation comprises more that 56 million Russian roubles.

The work is being conducted by a contractor “Rastim Les” LLC. The company performs a complex of reforestation tasks: design, survey, engineering and technical works have been finished, planting sites have been prepared, seedlings planting is underway at the moment. According to the contract terms, young seedlings of common pine will be already planted at the end-of September. The control over seedlings planting will be performed by the forestry authority.

Seligdar has already allocated 28.3 million Russian roubles for reforestation in the Republic in the previous year. Approximately 205,395 common pine seedlings were planted on the territory of the Neryungrinskoye forestry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) last year. The seedlings survival rate amounted to 85-95%.

Thus, Seligdar PJSC contributes to planting of 646,112 seedlings worth more than 84 million Russian roubles within two years.

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