Seligdar released 70 thousand juveniles of valuable fish into Baikal Lake

Seligdar’s employees released 70 thousand juvenile graylings into Baikal Lake and its influent rivers (Ina River) in Buryatia. The event took place at the Barguzinkiy fish farm and was supported by the Buryat office of the Federal state budgetary institution Central basin agency for fishery and water bio resources preservation as a part of the programme of restoration of water biological resources and ecosystem.

Last year Seligdar together with schoolchildren and personnel of Sininda production complex released 120 thousand juvenile fishes in the Northern Baikal region. Seligdar carries out similar activities to restore ecological balance and preserve primeval ecosystem of Baikal Lake.

“Seligdar does not consider stocking water bodies with fish as a one-off event. It is a methodical work performed according a plan of artificial restoration of water biological resources. This summer tens of thousands of juveniles replenished natural population of graylings,” commented Executive director of Sininda production complex Nikolay Garbuzov.

Seligdar Holding pays special attention to adhere to the requirements of ecological organisations. In 2021, the Holding’s expenses for environmental protection and nature conservation activities comprised 27.4 million Russian roubles including 3.2 million Russian roubles for protection and reclamation of lands, surface and ground waters as well as for preservation of biological diversity.

Since 2019, Seligdar participates in the annual ‘Environmental Transparency Rating of Mining and Metals Companies in Russia’ published by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF Russia). In 2021, the Holding moved three lines up against the previous year and was ranked 18th among 39 companies in the rating.

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