Regarding private placement of Seligdar’s additional ordinary shares

The results of exercising the pre-emptive right to purchase additional ordinary shares of Seligdar PJSC offered through private placement were finalised on August 2, 2022.  

No notice was received to purchase ordinary shares of additional issue at 50.10 Russian roubles per share in exercise of the pre-emptive right between June 16, 2022, and August 1, 2022.

After expiration of the pre-emptive right period, Seligdar’s shareholders Maximus LLC and Treasury Invest JSC acquired the right to buy all the shares of additional issue through private placement. The purchase agreements were signed for offered ordinary shares of Seligdar PJSC in the amount of 37,645,270 pieces at 50.10 Russian roubles per share on August 3, 2022.

Following the State registration of additional shares placement report and that of the revised Charter of Seligdar PJSC, the Seligdar PJSC’s share capital will increase from 992,354,730 Russian roubles to 1,030,000,000 Russian roubles.

2021 Annual Report (pdf, 16 Мб)
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