Seligdar started exploration at the Khokhoy Ore Field

Seligdar PJSC (MOEX: SELG, hereafter Holding or Seligdar), a Russian gold and tin producer, announces a start of exploration at the Khokhoy Ore Field. All the equipment and machinery, necessary for prospecting and special works to explore, analyze and assess ore gold, has been delivered to the site by now.

“According to the data compiled during the prospecting works conducted earlier by an exploration company Yakutskgeologiya JSC, P1 and P2 prognostic resources* comprise 6 tons and P3 prognostic resources – 13 tons. Our task is to convert resources into C1 and C2 reserves*”, noted Aleksandr Kisly, Head of department of geology and subsoil use.

Seligdar PJSC owns a significant stake in Khokhoy LLC (75%) that holds the geological survey license for the Khokhoy Ore Field. The Khokhoy allotment is located 120 km straight to the west from regional center Aldan town in the upstream basin of the Khokhoy stream, a right tributary of the Amga River.




* Russian classification compliant with the State Commission on Mineral Reserves (GKZ) reporting system

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