Seligdar’s gold reserves will exceed 10 million ounces in 2022

PJSC Seligdar (MOEX: SELG, hereafter Holding or Seligdar) expects its balance gold reserves to exceed 10 million ounces (310 tons) in 2022. Today, balance gold reserves including the Kyuchus deposit reserves are estimated at 9 million ounces. During the year, 1.3 million ounces planned to be registered in the state balance in accordance with the exploration results. Planned expenditures for exploration in 2022 comprise 2.5 billion roubles. The Holding’s gold reserves and resource base including prognostic resources exceeds even now 20 million ounces.

In 2022, the Nizhne-Yakokitskoye Ore Field will see the largest increase in reserves among operating deposits; its reserves are expected to grow by 0.8 million ounces (25 tons). The Nizhne-Yakokitskoye Ore Field includes Nadezhda, Verkhneye, Trassovoye, Smezhnoye, Khvoynoye deposits and a number of ore bodies (veins) in Aldan region of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). After a qualified examination of the feasibility study and reserves estimate, the exploration will continue at other promising sites of the Nizhne-Yakokitskoye Ore Field, and that will contribute to further reserves growth in 2023 – 2025.

Besides the Nizhne-Yakokitskoye Ore Field, the exploration will pursue at other sites in Yakutia. It is expected to register in the state balance approximately 2 tons of gold at Purikanskaya area, 5 tons  – at Yasnaya Polyana; it is planned to get approved mining parameters for the Samolazovskoye deposit with gold reserves of 9 tons. The exploration will continue at Gonam and Kolbachi alluvial deposits.

Prospecting and assessment will be conducted at the following promising sites: Kiriestekh, Chulkovskaya area, Ryabchik-Zhelannoye, Khokhoyskoye ore field, Shkolnoye ore body, newly added ore and alluvial sites; all that will ensure replenishment of the reserve and resource base of the Holding in Aldan region for years to come. The large volume of work at these sites will be executed by the Russian geological holding RosGeo.

A more than one-ton increase of balance reserves planned for Murzinskoye deposit in Altai region in 2022.  Prospecting and assessment will be also conducted in cooperation with RosGeo at other sites of the region: Semenovskaya and Kuryinskaya areas, Murzinskoye-2 deposit.

In 2022, the exploration will be resumed at the Vasin deposit in Orenburg region.

The exploration will continue at the Nerundinskoye deposit in the Republic of Buryatia.

In 2022, the exploration will start at the Kyuchus deposit and will result in a feasibility study with reserves estimate.

“Reserves are the base for a long-term growth of Seligdar. Today, Seligdar multiplied its reserves; reserve and resource base exceeds 20 million ounces that allows for a long-term planning from one perspective and from the other sets a current task to prepare reserves for commercial exploitation. It is important that the large reserves increase will take place in Aldan region where the Company’s main operating sites are situated. Hence, the key task for 2022 is to add reserves near the Holding’s operating production sites, to continue exploration at the new objects and to update mining parameters of the Kyuchus deposit,” commented Konstantin Beirit, President of PJSC Seligdar.

Permitting work continues at the new sites in all the regions where Seligdar operates. At the beginning of the year, Seligdar applied for licenses near operating deposits in South Yakutia, Buryatia and Altai.

Seligdar in cooperation with the Diamond and Precious Metal Geology Institute pursues works to determine promising sites for permitting in coming years.

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