Seligdar supported a popular science festival “Digital history in Tver”

PJSC Seligdar (MOEX: SELG; hereafter Holding or Seligdar), a Russian gold and tin producer, and Tver Flour Milling Plant sponsored the 9th popular science festival “Digital history in Tver”.

This year the Festival is devoted to travelling through countries and ages, because one of the most known Tver-natives is a famous traveler Afanasy Nikitin. Eminent historians and science communicators helped visitors to explore Amsterdam of Peter the Great, Königsberg during the Seven Years’ War, Gregori Rasputin’s Saint Petersburg and other towns around the world, as well as to meet prominent compatriots. Besides, visitors could make a virtual walk through the Tver Kremlin, get acquainted with popular types of weapon and military gear of different historic periods. A book fair, thematic exhibits and a photo booth were organized at the entrance hall.

PJSC Seligdar extensively supports educational initiatives in field of history. The Holding also sponsored a previous festival “Digital history in Barnaul”.

The creator and general director of the Festival Egor Yakovlev noted: “This is not the first experience of cooperation with Seligdar. In 2021, the Company supported shooting of a documentary series on Demidov’s dynasty – iconic figures that gave birth to gold mining in Russia. The series won an award at the Mine Movie Festival held during Minex Russia 2021. Seligdar substantially contributes to raise of historical awareness”.

According to the Festival organisers, the Tver region has a huge potential to develop educational tourism: similar popular science festivals with lectures given by leading scientists could be combined with excursions through towns in order to familiarise guests to the abundant historical and cultural legacy of the region.

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