Construction of the Seligdar Village residential settlement moved to second stage

PJSC Seligdar (hereafter Seligdar, Holding or Company, MOEX: SELG) continues to build a residential settlement for the Company’s employees in Aldan town, center of gold mining in Yakutia. The construction is on schedule.

Over the year since the construction of settlement has been announced in September 2020, settlement design and site layout were performed, design of residential buildings, external and internal communications, roads got approval. A contract company carried out preliminary excavation and proceeded to the phase 1 construction. Twenty-two cottages including 14 in Finnish large-panel technology and 8 in LVL technology (Laminated Veneer Lumber) with insulation are built to date. In October 2021, phase 2 construction began; 50% of site layout is done and hole drilling for cottages began.


The works are underway to build a boiler station of 4.5 MW and include site layout, engineering, design and manufacturing of the station modules.


The whole project foresees construction of total 40 cottages of 240 m² with attached garages (24 cottages in Finnish large-panel technology, 16 cottages 8 in LVL technology with insulation) and two townhouses of 5 sections each with attached garages (a section size is 148 ²). Surrounding grounds will be paved with flagstones.

The settlement is being constructed according to the high technology building system. The cottages are manufactured under energy efficient technologies that would allow savings on utility payments and resources. Besides, the settlement will have necessary social infrastructure: kindergarten for 50 children, sports center of 1,500 m², promenade and park zones. The houses will have the entire infrastructure: heating, water supply, fire main, sanitation, electricity, Internet.


The Seligdar Village settlement is located equally close to the Seligdar headquarters and Aldan downtown that would allow enjoying of a short commute to work and use of town infrastructure.



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