Seligdar will redevelop new street in Aldan town

PJSC Seligdar will redevelop the street named after A. Labun (earlier Zavodskoy pereulok) in Aldan town. Sergey Tatarinov, CEO of PJSC Seligdar and Vladimir Shedko, Deputy Head of Aldan town signed an agreement on social partnership today.

The project is scheduled for 2022-2023 and comprises a significant change in the Labun street appearance. The street will get a pedestrian sidewalk of 520 m, sewers for exhaust rain or melt water, good street lighting and a children playground. Total area to be covered with asphalt amounts to 3.5 thousand m2.

A memory note: a formal opening of the street named after A. Labun, first President of PJSC Seligdar, took place earlier in October. The decision to give name of A. Labun was submitted by the PJSC Seligdar’s employees to commemorate Anatoliy Labun, an honorary citizen of Aldan region, founder of the Russian Gold Prospectors’ Union, a person who was awarded the titles of Honoured Metallurgist of Russian Federation and Honoured Miner of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), who was awarded the Order for Glory of Russia’s medal and the Polar Star, the highest order of the Republic of Sakha.

PJSC Seligdar will compensate to local citizens all the expenses related to the credentials reissue triggered by the street name change.


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