Seligdar won a “Mining Oscar” and five prestigious awards at the Mining and Exploration Forum Russia 2021

PJSC Seligdar (MOEX: SELG, SELGP, hereafter Seligdar or Company) received a Breakthrough Technologies for the mining and metallurgical industry award for the first ever thermal ore treatment facility at MINEX Russia 2021 (October 5-7, 2021).

The unique idea behind the project is that the facility permits to distribute temperature lengthwise and thermally treat refractory ores according to specified technological parameters. It boosts cyanide gold recovery from 20-30% to 90%. The facility proved economic effectiveness compared to other technologies of gold recovery from refractory and rebellious sulfide ores.

Seligdar also received special awards and diplomas from the MineESG and MineProject nominations, and won an award in the MineMovie documentary film festival.

For the Mine ESG nomination (first ever nomination for significant social and economic projects) Seligdar presented a project of rapidly erected ecological residential settlement with innovative technical solutions employed. The settlement expected to be constructed within a year period, all houses will be built from natural materials with allowances for severe climate of the North: low temperatures, permafrost and seismic activity. The settlement will have all-type infrastructure including kindergarten, sports center. The Seligdar employees will be able to rent or buy a lodging on special subsidized conditions.

For the MineProject nomination (third nomination for large-scale projects in mining and metallurgical industries of Russia) Seligdar received a diploma for the Ryabinovy Mining and Processing Complex. Annual gold production of Ryabinovy plant exceeds 2.5 tons. Further production expansion is possible due to addition to processing of nearby promising deposits and ore bodies. The commission of a semi-dry tailings storage facility in 2021 will decrease ecological risks, reduce tailings storage area and enhance work of the recycled process water system.

At MineMovie third documentary film festival, Seligdar received two awards: the Company gained first place for Demidov Dynasty series from the Mining Chronicles and Profession Promotion diploma for “What brings the Seligdar’s gold into the world?” popular science film.

A memory note: sponsored by Seligdar the Demidov Dynasty series was shot by the famous journalist and historian Egor Yakovlev and it shows the history of Russian industrial development.


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