Seligdar shareholders approved quantity of authorized shares and amendments to the Charter related to conversion of preferred shares

 At an extraordinary General Meeting held in virtual form on September 20, 2021, the shareholders of PJSC Seligdar approved the number of authorized shares and amendments to the Charter related to conversion of shares.

Shareholders authorized PJSC Seligdar to issue 187,645,270 additional shares of par value of 1 ruble each that would provide with the same rights as earlier authorized ordinary shares of PJSC Seligdar and approved relevant amendments to the Charter.

The shareholders approved also amendments to the Charter of PJSC Seligdar related to conversion of all preferred shares into ordinary shares. The preferred shares become convertible. The conversion is undertaken to all preferred shares, it is a retained right of the Company and is carried out by its decision. One preferred share is converted into one ordinary share. Preferred shares after being converted will be canceled.

After the amendments to the Charter on quantity of authorized shares have been registered, the Board of Directors of PJSC Seligdar will consider matters on approval of changes to decision on equity shares issuance; on issuance of additional ordinary shares through the conversion of preferred shares and on approval of the document on conditions of securities issuance.

After the conversion of 150,000,000 preferred shares has been completed, the share capital of PJSC Seligdar will consist entirely of ordinary shares in amount of 992,354,730 shares. The Company reserves the right to issue 37,645,270 authorized shares at a later date after the conversion .

Shareholders of preferred shares who voted negatively or failed to vote on amendments to the Charter with respect to the rights provided by the preferred shares of PJSC Seligdar, are entitled to demand repurchase of their shares. The repurchase price of one preferred share is defined as 43.9 rubles per share. The list of shareholders entitled to demand repurchase of the preferred shares is compiled in accordance with the shareholder registry as at August 29, 2021. The repurchase claims should be submitted or withdrawn no later than on November 8, 2021. The claims should be addressed to JSC “Novy Registrator”.



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