OJSC «Seligdar»

Social projects

Seligdar OJSC is one of the most capable and dynamically growing enterprises of Aldan administrative district. Seligdar has for a long time been known as a symbol of success and reliability. Social policy is a part of Seligdar’s corporate strategy. It is implemented to improve the efficiency and competitiveness in all aspects. It is aimed at the formation of high social responsibility to all interested parties: the authorities, business partners, the company’s staff, region’s public, NGOs etc.

The main aspects of the Company’s social policy are:
  • To provide a safe and comfortable working environment.
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • To solve housing problems and improve the quality of life for employees and their families.
  • To provide vocational training for the stuff.
  • To give financial support to veterans and pensioners.
  • To participate in social and economic progress of the regions.
  • To conduct charitable activities.

Seligdar is actively involved with charity programs of the town of Aldan. Many state-funded organizations asked the management of the Company for assistance and received it.

The Company permanently gives support to the Veterans Council of Aldan region, Aldan orphanage, secondary and pre-school institutions, artistic and sport associations. It participates in socially significant programs of NGOs and charity funds.

Especially close friendship exists between the guild and Aldan state orchestra conducted by the distinguished artist of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) N. V. Bazaleva.

Seligdar has been sponsoring the orchestra for many years. Public invariably enjoys the excellent skills of misicians and exquisite choice of repertoire. The guild management helped the orchestra to purchase new musical instruments. Since then, the orchestra toured many Russian towns, the tours being always substantially supported by the miner guild.

The holding takes part in the revival of spiritual heritage. So, in 2011 the Company sponsored the production of an icon for the Orthodox Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in the settlement of Nizhny Kuranakh in Aldan region. In 2012 the icon of St. Barbara – the patroness of miners - was presented to St. Petersburg Mining University.

In 2010 during operations in Murzinskoe deposit the workers of PMG Poisk found the ancient mine with fortified wooden frame. The analysis showed that the unique old construction was built in 1772-1789 by the miners of Akinfy Demidov whose guild gave the first gold in Russia.

Seligdar OJSC financed recovery, restoration and conservation of the frame. The exposition of Murzinskaya rock lining was made of the remaining parts and donated to Altai museum of local lore. There it is in a glass sarcophagus being the basis of the exhibition devoted to Altai mining history. Also of the wood from the frame there was made the model of the mine. It was presented to St. Petersburg Mining University.