OJSC «Seligdar»


Seligdar OJSC is interested in partnership relations with the suppliers of spare parts for the equipment used in ore extraction and processing.

The following equipment is being used in mining operations:

  • Excavating machines— EKILOGRAMS-5A;
  • Frontlifts with the bin space of 6 cubic meters - Dressta 560C;
  • Oroch hauler dump trucks - BELAZ 7540, 7547;
  • Bulldozers – Kamatsu D-375 A5;
  • Bulldozers – Т20.01, Т170;
  • Drilling rigs – SBSh-250NM, Atlas Copco DML.

The following equipment is being used in ore processing operations:

  • Sizing screens - GIT-71, GIT-42, Metso Minerals VG540-3V, CVB2060;
  • Crushers - SMD-109, SMD-110, SMD-111, Metso Minerals C-100, NP1007;
  • Pelletization drums, conveyer lines, overburden spreaders;
  • Various pumping equipment