OJSC «Seligdar»

Structure and output of mining sites

Application of heap leaching technology to lode gold deposits includes the following major stages:

  • Stripping operations and ore extraction from the opencast. At this process stage, rock mass is extracted with the use of electric and hydraulic excavating machinery with the bin space of up to 6 cubic meters and frontlifts with the bin space of 6 cubic meters with subsequent transportation of the ore to crushing and screening plant by the 45 ton dump trucks. Essential part of the stripping and mining operations is the preparation for rock mass extraction by means of drilling and blasting . For drilling and blasting operations, the technology of production of simplistic explosives ( «Igdanate » granulate (ANFO)) directly on the site of blasting operations in the charge mixing machine was developed.
  • Ore preparation – bulldozer formation of initial ore stockpile with subsequent feeding of the ore to the crushing and screening plant in order to achieve the required grain size (40 mm). Ore preparation includes primary screening with a grizzly grate, three-stage crushing with rall-jaw crushers and formation of the stockpile of crushed ore with the given granularity.
  • Ore pelletization – bulldozer feed of the crushed ore to drum pelletizer with subsequent conveyer transportation of the palletized ore to the pallet stacker that forms ore stack.
  • Ore leaching (transfer of the gold into solution) by of cyanide alkalized solutions, processing the solution on an active carbon adsorption plant to obtain gold-enriched eluate.
  • Electrolysis of the eluate yielding gold-enriched cathode deposit.
  • Smelting of the cathode yielding Dore gold (gold-containing ingots).

Present throughput of the rock mass is at 6 million cubic meters per year, and te ore processing rate – 2.5 million cubic meters per year.