OJSC «Seligdar»

About the company

Gold mining holding Seligdar was established in 2008 on the basis of the assets of Seligdar placer miner guild and other gold mining enterprises. The holding includes the following companies:
  • Seligdar OJSC
  • Seligdar gold OJSC
  • Orenburg Mining Company LLC
  • Poisk placer miner Guild LLC
  • Euroart LLC
  • Ryabinovoye LLC
  • Lunnoye LLC
  • Sininda-1 placer miner Guild LLC

Seligdar OJSC
has an extensive experience of implementing mining facility construction and startup projects, exploring and developing gold deposits.

Starting from 1996, the Holding (initially – the Seligdar placer miner guild) has been successfully employing heap leaching technology of gold extraction. This method was for the first time applied in the climatic conditions of Yakutia. In the process of pilot operations the Guild has accumulated extensive experience of application of this new technology and attracted highly qualified experts from industry-wide. Gold extraction by heap leaching method allows achieving substantially lower prime cost compared to other extraction methods.

Over the past years the Holding has implemented the project of development of the Nizhneyakokitskoye deposit site (license holder – Seligdar Gold OJSC). During its implementation, geological survey was accomplished, the gold deposits were registered in the federal registry, and heap leaching plant with the output of 2 thousand tons of gold per year was constructed. In July, 2008 commercial operation of the site started. In 2011 1439 kg of gold were produced.

By the end of 2012, Seligdar OJSC and its subsidiaries sold 3020 kilograms of gold and silver in gold equivalent. In autumn two sites – Lunnoye and Podgolechnoye - were put into operation. Production of gold will be 750 and 400 kg a year, the lifetime of the sites are 10 and 5 years resp.

In 2013 the company plans to begin development of Ryabinovoye field and to put into operation a new plant for separate ore processing of Verkhnee field (Nizhne-Yakokitsoye Ore Field).

The reserves of Ryabinovoye (South Yakutia) on the C1+C2 categories are 19,5 tons of gold that will allow to mine gold during over 10 years.

Verkhnee project cost is about 150 mln RUR. New technology will allow to increase processing of ores to 250 thousand tons a year and to reduce the cost of gold production as well as to enlarge through recoveries of gold from 75% to 77,5%. The reserves of gold of Verkhnee field on the C1+C2 categories are 5,4 tons of gold.